Computer Science  

Computer Science

Dr, Najeeb Ullah

Chairmen Message

In an increasingly competitive job market, a postgraduate qualification demonstrates that you possess high level generic skills as well as advanced specialist knowledge.

Computing and IT is an area of technology that never stands still. Our new and up to dated courses have been specially designed to give the students the opportunity to develop a range of skills and understanding of the technologies that are essential for the modern IT and Computer professionals. Access to the best of contemporary resources and information technology is what will become an essential part of your university experience…

Mission & Vision

The Department’s mission is to provide students and faculty with an open environment that fosters the professional and personal growth. We will prepare our students for successful careers in the computing professions…..

Program Offered

Undergraduate Programs
  • BS Computer Sciences – BS CS (Hons)
  • BS Software Engineering (Hons)
  • BS Telecommunication Systems (Hons)
Postgraduate Programs
  • MS (Computer Sciences) in Computer Networking & Software Engineering

Faculty & Curriculum

Recent Activities