Dr Zahid ullah  

Dr Zahid ullah

Dr Zahid Ullah

Message of the Chair, Electrical

We offer degrees in Electrical engineering and Electrical technology. Indeed, it is a matter of great pride for me to head the department, largest in terms of faculty members, students, and their combined efforts towards research. We strive to produce young engineers and technologist who are highly skilled in Electrical engineering and Electrical technology.

The qualified and skilled faculty at our department imparts knowledge and skills at the highest level and supervise research. Our faculty is dynamic and has a great passion towards teaching and research, which is truly reflected in their published research work in high prestigious journals. We are determined and committed to deliver an exceptional educational experience and prepare our students for the highest personal and professional achievements.

The curriculum provides exposure to a wide spectrum of basic knowledge in the relevant subjects followed by an in-depth coverage of the principles of Electrical engineering, both in classrooms and in well-equipped laboratories, which are machine and control lab, electronic lab, circuits lab, communication lab, embedded systems lab, digital signal processing lab, computer and simulation lab, electrical & mechanical workshop lab. The students are encouraged to undertake projects to bridge theory with practice and prepare themselves for professional life ahead.

The Electrical engineering department strives to equip the students with engineering knowledge, effective presentation and communication skills, leadership and decision-making skills, high moral values, good analytical and research problem solving capabilities and make them prepared for lifelong learning experience. It is worthy to add that our B.Sc. Electrical engineering degree pogrom is fully based on Outcome Based Education system from the intake batch 2017 onwards, which signifies that our graduates can go and study or work in any signatory countries of the Washington Accord without having to clear any competitive or equivalence examination.

The Electrical technology program aims to produce competent Electrical technologists who would be able to solve actual industrial/field problems.  Since the graduate of the program would be a “hands on” person, substantial focus is given to practical knowledge in Electrical technology.


We understand the liaison between academia and industry and owing to the reason the department strives for the continuous improvement in curriculum to better address the needs and challenges of industrial sector and prepare our students for the professional life. Moreover, final year project exhibition is also held annually to provide opportunity to students to show their skills to the experts from academia and industry by demonstrating their efforts in the form of final year projects. Furthermore, the department facilitates the students in getting internships to get hands on experience and increase utilization of their knowledge. Industrial tours are part of the program. Both long and short tours to different industries, private and public institution, and research organization are arranged, which not only abreast them with the know-how of the industry but also provides them the opportunity to enhance their technical and communication skills by having discussion with the skilled engineers.

Come and join us and I hope and pray that you will enjoy your studies at the Electrical engineering department.