General Rules  

General Rules

General Rules



Admission to First semester BBA/BIT/BCS/MBA/MIT/MCS shall be on the basis of merit. The admission is open to both male and female candidates


2.1 Admissions to the subject disciplines shall be open to the candidates who have passed intermediate / graduation examination from a recognized Board of intermediate and Secondary Education / Universities in Pakistan or any other examination recognized as equivalent for the purpose of admission in the above mentioned disciplines, subject to fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Candidates having passed intermediate and BA / BSc or equivalent with at least 45% may be entertained for admission at CECOS University in the above mentioned degree programmes.
  • Required passing marks in the entry test will be 40%.
  • Those candidates seeking admission in Computer Science and IT degree programme must meet the minimum subject relevancy criteria proposed by HEC.

2.2 Cambridge Overseas Higher School Certificate Examination passed in First Division at the Principal level or the British General Certificate of Education passed in First Division at the Advanced Level in English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For the purpose of determining merit, the grade obtained in these examinations will be equated as under:

  • Grade A — 85%
  • Grade B — 75%
  • Grade C — 65%
  • Grade D — 55%
  • Grade E — 45%

The Candidate will, however, have to produce equivalence and conversion of marks certificate issued from the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen, Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Education, Islamabad with the application form.

2.3 A candidate convicted by a court of Law on the ground of moral turpitude or awarded sentence in jail is ineligible for admission.


3.1 All the eligible candidates applying for admission will have to qualify the entry test to be conducted by CECOS University, on the date and time announced by the University. The test will be conducted in the subjects of Mathematics, General Knowledge, I.Q. and English of Intermediate / Graduate level. The qualifying marks in entry test will be 40%. Any candidate who fails to qualify the entry test shall not be considered for admission. The inter-merit of the candidates will be determined according to the weightage formula:

Intermediate / BA, BSc Marks Weightage
1st Division 50%
2nd Division 30%
Total-Weightage 50%
Subject-Relevancy 10%
Entry-Test Weightage
96%-100% 35%
86%-95% 30%
76%-85% 25%
66%-75% 20%
56%-65% 15%
46%-55% 10%
40%-45% 05%
Total 35%
Interview Weightage
Total 05%
Grand Total 100%

A candidate, in order to become eligible for admission at CECOS University, must score a total of at least 50% marks in accordance with above-mentioned assigned Weightage formula


4.1 The Institute can admit those candidates who qualify the prescribed test conducted by CECOS University. However, the candidate will have to fulfill the eligibility requirement of 45% marks in the Intermediate / Graduation.

4.2 Candidates who have obtained less than 45% marks in the Intermediate / Graduate examination shall not be eligible to apply for entry test & admission.

4.3 Case of doubtful or undefined equivalence of any academic qualification, will be considered by the University Equivalence Committee. If deemed necessary, the Committee may also consult other organizations / authorities of Pakistan that deal with the subject and determine equivalence of foreign Degrees and Certificates. 4.4 Candidates seeking admission in various disciplines shall submit separate application forms.

4.5 Candidates selected for admission shall produce the following documents in original for verification at the time of interview / admission and shall also submit two sets of attested photocopies of these documents with the application form:

  • Detailed Marks Certificate of Intermediate or the examination on the basis of which admission is sought. In case the examination consists of Part I and Part II, detailed marks certificates of each Part shall be submitted.
  • An equivalence certificate from the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen, Islamabad, in case of candidates having certificate from an Institution outside Pakistan. This however does not guarantee equivalence for admission unless confirmed by the University Equivalence Committee.
  • DMC and certificate of secondary school certificate examination.
  • Domicile certificate.
  • Character certificate from the Head of Institution most recently attended by the applicant.
  • NIC or Form “B” of the applicant and NIC of his father.
  • Six attested recent passport size photographs of applicant.
  • Undertaking on a judicial stamped paper worth Rs: 25/- (Rupees Twenty Five Only), for non indulgence in any unlawful activity, duly attested by the Oath Commissioner as per prescribed proforma.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate on prescribed proforma from a registered medical practitioner, at least MBBS.
  • Original Migration Certificate from the concerned BISE / BTE / University.
  • Permission and Leave Certificate from the employer in case the applicant is an employee of the Government / Statutory / Autonomous Body or Firm or Organization.

4.6 All applications shall be delivered in the office of the Director / Admission office on or before the last date given in the advertisement.

4.7 Every application should be accompanied by a declaration signed by the applicant and countersigned by his/her father or guardian (as the case may be) to the effect that he/she would abide by the rules and regulations of the university and obey instructions issued to him/her from time to time by the Teacher, Chairman of the Department/ Principal.

4.8 Cambridge Overseas High School Certificate Examination passed in first division at the Principal level or the British General Certificate of Education passed in first Division at the advanced level in English, Physics, Chemistry (Computer Science in certain cases) and Mathematics (London, Oxford, Cambridge), for the purpose of determining merit, the grades obtained in these examinations will be equated as under:

  • Grade A — 85%
  • Grade B — 75%
  • Grade C — 65%
  • Grade D — 55%
  • Grade E — 45%

However, the Pakistani candidates are required to qualify the subjects of Islamiat, Pakistan Studies and Urdu at HSSC Level.

4.9 After declaration of results of Entry Test, Admission Committee shall consider all valid applications received for admission. The Admission Committee will process the applications according to the criteria of admission and availability of seats.

4.10 Candidates provisionally selected by the Admission Committee may be called for interview / admission on a specified date. Provisionally selected candidates shall be required to deposit the Institute and University dues and complete the admission formalities including the filling of the prescribed class enrolment form by a specified date failing which he/ she shall forfeit the right for admission and the seats so vacated shall be filled in from the candidates on waiting list.

4.11 The Admission Committee will recommend the names of the provisionally selected candidates to the Competent Authority for approval. The admission will be provisional and shall not mean any commitment or entail any legal liability till all the original certificates have been checked for their correctness by the quarters concerned and confirmed by the Competent Authority.

4.12 If any seat remains vacant in a discipline after the specified date, it will be filled up within thirty days of the commencement of classes by adjustment in the merit list strictly according to the choice given in the admission form.

4.13 If a seat becomes available due to cancellation of admission after commencement of classes, it may be filled up by adjustment among the students already admitted in the Institute provided that no such adjustment shall be allowed after thirty days of the commencement of the classes.

4.14 Within thirty days of the last date of admission, particulars of candidates such as Name, Parentage, Domicile, Date of birth, Examination passed and the course to which the candidate has been admitted shall be reported to the Competent Authority on the prescribed form along with the recommendations of the Admission Committee for his approval. After the approval of the Competent Authority and the payment of all the prescribed dues, the name of the candidate shall be entered in the students register and registration card issued to him/her in token thereof by the University.

4.15 Documents once submitted with application form cannot be changed and shall be considered as final. All the documents shall be verified from the concerned Boards/ Institutions, if desired by the CECOS University.

4.16 Successful applicants shall be informed of their selection by registered post. Merit/Selection list will also be displayed on the Institute Notice Board and the website of the University.

4.17 University Authorities reserve the rights to make amendments in Admission Regulations at any stage. As a result of inadvertent mistake on the part of admission office shall not confer any right of admission on the candidate


5.1 Foreign students seeking admission may send their applications to the Institute through Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs, Islamabad, which would in turn pass these on to the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad for clearance through the vetting agencies. A certificate from an appropriate authority of the applicant’s country that the applicant is bonafide citizen and is financially sound to meet the expenditure on his/her studies should accompany the application form.

5.2 The Equivalence Committee of CECOS University of Information Technology & Emerging Sciences shall determine equivalence of qualification of foreign nationals for admission purposes. The foreign students shall be required to join the College within two weeks from the date of their arrival in Pakistan, failing which their admission shall be cancelled.

5.3 The Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, shall issue the foreign students identity cards. The students shall return these Cards after completion of their studies.

5.4 Candidates possessing Tourist Visas shall not be considered for admission


6.1 The President / Vice Chancellor may admit a student to the University by migration from other Universities or Institutions upon the recommendations of the Migration Committee.

6.2 Admission by migration may not be allowed ordinarily after expiry of one month from the commencement of the classes/semester.

6.3 No student shall be admitted by migration from a University or Institution in Pakistan unless he / she produces a certificate of good moral character and a certificate to the effect that the student has not been debarred from taking University examination nor suspended, expelled or rusticated from the University/ institution from which he / she intends to migrate and that no disciplinary action is pending against him / her.

6.4 Students from a Chartered University / Degree Awarding Institution, recognized by Higher Education Commission can only be considered for migration.

6.5 An application for admission by migration shall be accompanied by Detailed Syllabi and Detailed Marks Certificate showing the examinations passed in the preceding semester / term and Intermediate/Graduation examination on the basis of which he / she secured original admission in the parent University or Degree Awarding Institute.

6.6 If a student has passed 50% or more subjects / courses of a class / semester / term, he / she will be exempted from that class / semester / term and given admission in the next higher class / semester / term, but the deficient subjects of that class / semester / term shall be notified as his backlog, which he / she must pass during the later classes / semesters / terms. He / she will pay tuition fee for the deficient subjects / courses in which he / she actually attends the classes.

6.7 If a student is deficient by more than 50% subjects in a class / semester / term, he / she will be allowed admission in the same class / semester / term. However, he / she may be exempted from those subjects / courses, which he / she has passed and whose course contents are the same as those of CECOS University. He / she will pay tuition fee for the full semester / term.

6.8 Only those students who possess academic record comparable with admission requirements of CECOS University shall be considered for admission by migration subject to recommendations by the University Migration Committee.

6.9 No migration shall be allowed in First semester & Final semester classes.

6.10 Migration Application will only be entertained on the prescribed application form available at the Admission Office on payment. The admission will be allowed on the production of original Migration Certificate issued to him / her by the University.

6.11 A student desiring to leave CECOS University in order to join another University or Institution shall apply to the Head of the respective Department on the prescribed form and will deposit the prescribed fee.

6.12 NOC/Migration Certificate shall not be issued unless the student has cleared all the University Dues, including full fee of the running semester / term.

6.13 In case of a student who has been debarred from taking University Examination or has been expelled or rusticated, from the University, no Migration shall be allowed as long as the punishment is in force.

6.14 A student who has obtained Migration Certificate from CECOS University but has not secured admission in another University may be readmitted to the CECOS University if allowed by the Competent Authority provided his absence does not exceed 15 days and he/she surrenders the Migration Certificate issued to him / her.

6.15 The President shall have the powers to allow migration in special cases, provided the candidate is otherwise eligible for migration under the Rules

7. Grade Promotion and Merit

a. Minimum pass marks in each course shall be 50% in aggregate.

b. Final Evaluation of students in a semester shall be based on over all performance in the Final Exams & Sessional Marks (including class tests & assignments etc).

c. A student failing to clear more than 50% subjects in a semester will have to repeat the semester with the junior batch.

d. A student will be promoted to the next semester only upon clearing at least 50% or more subjects. However he/ she will have to re-appear in the failed papers only, if the curriculum has been up graded by the University authorities, the student will have to follow the latest course outlines while appearing in the supplementary examination.

e. A student shall be required to deposit University dues and complete the admission formalities by the specified date, failing which he / she shall forfeit his / her right of promotion / admission to the higher semester


8.1 A candidate who could not complete the required course of studies and attendance due to serious illness etc. may be re-admitted in the same class on the recommendations of Admission Committee, provided that the student had obtained medical leave from the Principal/ Chairman of the department on the production of a medical certificate from a registered MBBS Doctor.

8.2 If a student on rolls of the Institute remains absent from classes in any subject continuously for a period of 30 days, his/her name shall be struck off the rolls of the Institution /University by the Chairman / Director of the Department / Institute, with prior approval of the Competent Authority.

8.3 Such a student may be re-admitted, if the authorities are satisfied that the absence was not willful and was due to circumstances beyond human control, provided that any application to this effect is submitted with in 15 days of the order of removal of the student from rolls, subject to payment of prescribed re-admission fee.

8.4 Re-admission shall not be allowed if the time gap between leaving and re-admission is more than two academic years


9.1 In all cases where these regulations are silent the decision of the President / Board of Governors of the University shall apply.

9.2 The University / Institution authorities reserve the right to make any change in the existing Statutes, Regulations, Rules and Courses of study that may be considered necessary at any time without prior notice.

9.3 If any of the particulars given by the candidate in his/her application for admission are found incorrect or facts suppressed, he/she shall be refused admission. If any incorrect or false statement or suppression of facts is detected after a candidate has been granted admission, his/her admission shall be cancelled and he/she shall be expelled from the Institution, and shall be liable to any other disciplinary or legal action, the Institution may deem fit. A student shall be expelled from the Institution, if during the course of his/her studies, it is found that he/she was not entitled to admission in this Institution. Further, the fees and other user charges deposited by him / her shall stand forfeited.

9.4 Incase a student enrolled in this Institution is also found to be a student of some other institution; his/her admission in this Institution shall be cancelled. Those candidates who are employed in some organizations, must produce a permission letter from the employer at the time of their admission, clearly affirming that he/she shall be on leave from duty, for the daily study hours (6 hrs/day, 6 days/week) during the full duration of the course.

9.5 The Rules and Regulations pertaining to admission, promotions, maintenance of discipline, etc, contained in the University Prospectus shall apply to all the students admitted during the session. However, any change / alteration, if deemed necessary, shall be made by the University authorities and will be applicable from the date the management so desires.

9.6 A student will cease to be a regular student as soon as the final semester annual examination immediately following the academic session, in which he/she was a regular student, concludes. Such a student shall not be entitled to privileges reserved for regular students.

9.7 Upon the recommendation of the Head of Institution and the approval of the Competent Authority a student may be granted the option of temporarily freezing his semester and further continuing his studies from the same point after a specified period of time.

9.8 The students are required to know the rules and regulations mentioned in the University/Institution Prospectus and notified from time to time. Ignorance of the rules and regulations shall not be an excuse for claiming any relaxation in this regard