Mr. Nasrullah Jan

Registrar, CECOS University
(Former Secretary Education, KPK)

Education plays an important role in the life of a person and a nation. Quality Education will ensure better future for the individuals, who collectively build the nation. Our endeavors at CECOS University are to:

  • Supplement the Government efforts for the promotion of Higher Education.
  • Impart Quality education at affordable cost.
  • Offer educational programmes for career development.
  • Emphasis on Research and Development.
  • Build the character of the students for meeting the challenges / competitions in their future life.

I am proud to be associated with CECOS University and say that we have made a significant break-through in a short span of time. Our graduates have been employed in the Middle East, China and within Pakistan in government, semi government organizations and multinational companies. A good number of our graduates have got admission in European Universities for higher education