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Nadia Quresh

AttachmentsMon, May 13, 8:41 AM (10 days ago)

to me

Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of Higher Education Commission is mandated to strengthening the Quality Assurance System through Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism and External Quality Assurance Mechanism.

In this regard, QAA with the continuous support of DAIs in general and Heads of QECs in particular, is striving for implementation of the QA standards and criteria. It is indeed a sense of satisfaction for all QEC family members that the Quality Culture, which at once stage was considered as a dream, is now being the most debated topic in Higher Education Arena of Pakistan.

As per practice a 02 days activity was conducted for the HEADs of QECs on 15th & 16th April, 2019 at Grand Ambassador Hotel, Islamabad which was attended by Miss.Rehnaz Nisar, Deputy Director QEC, CECOS University



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