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CECOS University Pakistan represented in biggest event of world these days, COP26 in Glasgow SCOTLAND, GLASGOW.

It was proud moment that young and energetic Ar. Tariq from Architecture department of CECOS University Peshawar was among world statesmen, scientists and young leaders and activists. COP 26 is these days a hot topic and all eyes are on Glasgow. Mr. Tariq hails from Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is in Glasgow for COP 26 and since long he is working on research desk of CECOS University dedicated to climatic change. As climatic change is a challenge of century and Pakistan is among top seven vulnerable countries to climatic change. Hence, university is keenly observing this while designing strategies. 

Conference Of Parties reached to its 26th conference, while so far no major breakthrough has been witnessed in accomplishing core objectives of COPs. At a same time, it aggravates worries of scientists, activists and vulnerable countries. CECOS University Pakistan is actively integrating all national, regional and international developments in all plans ranging from academics to general and from historic to contemporary, and ahead.

“I found most of nations committed and interested here as per my conversations and discussion with different delegates. I visited pavilions of multiple representations in blue zone COP 26, Glasgow as an observer. It is wonderful experience for me to be part of such global historic event and representing CECOS University Pakistan.”, says Arch Muhammad Tariq. Top management, departments and faculty of University are following this major conference and they are in closed contact with representative in COP 26. Climate change is too relevant for world nations and particularly for Pakistan, hence such active follow up via physical representation in conference endorses the serious approach of university towards developments at national and international fronts. “I am observing the conference at large and meeting individually with scientists, activists and representatives. It is an inclusive event. I will come back soon with allot of ideas and productive memories”. Says Arch M Tariq World vulnerable countries are desperate for practical initiatives to combat climatic change and global temperature rise but yet more expectations are from world big nations and major stakeholders. Role of universities and academia is inevitable in current circumstances in order to promote awareness and research over this subject and provide potential human resource in this regard to world different fields and forums.

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