For the past 35 years, CECOS Educational Institutions have been a proud and continuous source of guidance and support to more than thirty-nine thousand students. CECOS graduates have gone on to develop successful careers in various disciplines including Engineering, Business Management, Computer Science, IT, Architecture, and Life Sciences.

The origins of CECOS University date back to 1986, when our founder and President Engr. Muhammad Tanveer Javed initiated a small, private institution – CECOS Data Institute – in Peshawar. At the time, CECOS Data Institute (CDI) only housed five computers and a handful of students. In its first year, CDI designed a one-year diploma course in Computer Science, which was approved by the Board of Technical Education (BTE) for immediate implementation in KPK (previously NWFP).

Eventually, the institute became affiliated with the University of Peshawar, becoming the premier college to offer postgraduate courses in Computer Science, as well as specialized computer courses from the University of London. Today, by the Grace of the Almighty, and the determination of the founders, CECOS University has over three thousand students enrolled in its various undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Realizing the need to integrate computer science with business education, CECOS steadily moved forward by establishing a private College of Commerce in Peshawar in 1987, which happened to be the first-ever private commerce college in the city. The college offered courses for B.Com-I and II, and the BTE for D.Com/DBA courses, in affiliation with the University of Peshawar. 

Subsequently, in 1994 CECOS also established its first campus in Hayatabad – CECOS Data College – where degree programmes in BSIT, MIT, BCS, MCS, BBA, and MBA were introduced. CECOS Data College was also authorized to be an “Action Learning Centre of Software Development” by UGC (now HEC) and the Ministry of Communication authorized CDC to award postgraduate diplomas in software development (in affiliation with the University of Peshawar).

During that same year, the prestigious Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) declared CECOS Data College as their Peshawar Centre. CECOS has the honor of being the first institute to offer post-Master professional IT-oriented courses in Management Accountancy to students in Peshawar and KP. Prior to this, the ICMAP-enrolled students had to travel to Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi for these professional courses.

In 1996, the College of Engineering and Information Technology was established to introduce Communication and Civil Engineering programs. Later, the College also became affiliated with the KPK (previously NWFP) University of Engineering and Technology to offer B.Sc. courses in Civil and Electrical Engineering.

Besides these institutions, CECOS also achieved a milestone when it established an international campus, CECOS London College of IT and Management in 1998. CECOS London College is registered under UK laws to facilitate credit transfer of CECOS students to American and European Universities, market software and technology developed at CECOS & conduct diploma, advanced diploma, Undergraduate & Master’s programmes in IT, Business Management, and Accounting. All courses offered at CECOS London College are fully accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC, UK) and Accreditation Services for International Colleges (UK).

CECOS achieved another landmark in the year 2001 with the launch of the CECOS IT Park Project. The project was launched with the aim of providing the resources and facilities to students needed for the development of software and to capture the international software market.

In 2001, the Government of KPK (previously NWFP), after realizing the dedicated and zealous efforts of CECOS Educational Institutions in imparting quality & professional education, granted CECOS a ‘Charter for University’ under the name of “CECOS University of Information Technology and Emerging Sciences”. This Charter was promulgated via Ordinance No. XXI of 2001 and CECOS University is recognized by the Higher Education Commission and the Government of Pakistan.


Today, CECOS University is proud to hold a Category W3(W***) status (W4 being the highest category) with the HEC. The Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering Programmes at CECOS are accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council. The University is housed in three owned campuses, comprising over 90 kanals of land, including a further 260 kanals acquired for CECOS University Islamabad Campus, and one campus on rented premises. The education, environment, and modern facilities provided to the students do not only provide an academically conducive environment but also cater for innovation, research, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

We have and will continue to strive towards greater goals in the Education sector, polishing the youth of today and guiding them towards their ambitions, so that they may represent Pakistan in local and international arenas.