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Makers Fest
Last December, when TEAM CECOS performed very well in HITEC University Taxila, Director
ORIC and Vice President CECOS wished to have such an event in CECOS as well. So Makers
Lab took lead on it and arranged an event with name of MAKERS FEST at CECOS. Three
faculty members from Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Science Department were
nominated by the Heads of each department to assist MakersLab in the event. There were a
total of 6 Robotic Modules in Makers Fest

A total of 40 students from Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering department,
mostly from 5th semester, participated in Makers Fest in the following modules.
● Line Following Robot | 6 Teams
● Fire Fighting Robot | 5 Teams
● Sumo Fight | 3 Teams

Ater starting with name of Almighty Allah, students were given time to calibrate their robots on
the tracks. After that they were briefed with event rules to conduct a fair competition. Two judges
were nominated from both departments.
● Engr. Ali Mujtaba Durrani | Electrical
● Engr. Umair Ali | Mechanical

Shields and certificates were distributed in the winners by Mr. Abdul Hanan – Director ORIC. The
winner teams were
● Team Robotics | Winner Line following Robot | Electrical
● Team Fire Fighter | Winner Fire Fighting Module | Electrical
● Team Mech Rangers | Winner Sumo Fight | Mechanical

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