CECOS University, Peshawar enters new international collaboration with Staffordshire University, UK to share resources and spark new opportunities

PESHAWAR, Pak., STAFFORDSHIRE, UK. – In an exciting development for higher education in the region, CECOS University, Pakistan and Staffordshire University, England signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Wednesday, August 25.

The MOU includes staff exchanges, sharing online learning resources, progression opportunities for CECOS University students to complete part of their studies in the UK, as well as establishing a Virtual Incubation Center to promote and support entrepreneurship for students and staff of both institutions.



The MOU will also bring together both institutions to provide exciting new opportunities for innovation and virtual collaboration on new projects.

Staffordshire University is a public research university in Staffordshire, England that is noted for its science departments. Currently the university offers courses in Law, Business, Sciences, Applied Computing, Engineering, Arts, Design, Journalism and Media Production on its 3 campuses. 

We are delighted to have entered into a formal relationship with Staffordshire University and immensely look forward to working with their team. We hope that this partnership results in true synergy between the two organizations and, in doing so, benefit members of our respective communities in a number of ways

Dr. Sohail A. Qureshi (Vice-Chancellor, CECOS University ) Tweet

CECOS University is a private institution in Peshawar that offers graduate and undergraduate programs in Computer Science, Management Sciences, Architecture, Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering as well as in Biotechnology, Pharmacy, and Allied Health Sciences

Commenting on sharing similar goals and ideals, Vice-Chancellor Staffordshire University, Professor Liz Barnes CBE, DL said: “We have a lot in common with CECOS which prides itself on its creativity, innovation, industry links and student employability.

Commenting on the MOU she added: “There is the potential for us to develop joint research projects. It is notable that in 2015, CECOS unveiled Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s first power plant that converts waste into energy and we have recently launched our Staffordshire Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Engineering. As modern, digitally-enabled universities, we will be exploring how we can share online learning and teaching materials as well as establishing a Virtual Incubation Centre which will support staff and students of both institutions to bring their ideas for new products to life.”

Since 1998, CECOS University’s CECOS London College of Information Technology and Management has been conducting split-degree programmes, including some delivered under franchise with Staffordshire University. Starting September 2021, CECOS London College will also offer one of Staffordshire University’s newest programmes – BA (Hons) Business Management & Sustainability.


Professor Mark Mabey, Principal, CECOS College London said: “Our partnership with Staffordshire University commenced in September 2020 with a top up degree in Business Management. This September we will also offer the full new degree BA (Hons) Business Management & Sustainability. We look forward to this new exciting partnership which includes CECOS University, Pakistan and provides more opportunities for student staff exchanges, progression and research.”