Precision Medicine Lab (PML) Meetup

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Precision Medicine Lab (PML) is an affiliate lab of National Center for Big Data and Cloud Computing based at CECOS University and Rehman Medical Institute (Official) (RMI) and funded by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

On April 25th, stake holders meeting of Precision Medicine Lab (PML) was held at Rehman Medical Institute. At this auspicious occasion the CEO of RMI Mr. Shafiq Ur Rehman, Vice President of CECOS University Mr. Sohaib Tanveer, Principal Investigator PML Dr. Faisal Khan, Co-PI Dr. Johar Ali, along with the governing bodies of both institutes and Precision Medicine Lab team, all were gathered.

This is an unprecedented event, that two private institutions (CECOS and RMI) are joining hands to achieve one common goal i-e to use Genomics as a tool, in fight against deadly diseases. Currently the Lab is working on Oral Cancer Genomics, since the prevalence of Oral cancer in male population of Pakistan is alarming.
P.S: Everyone is looking forward to this collaboration.

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