Student Societies

The student societies aim to make sure that your time at CECOS is the best it could possibly be. Run by the students for the students, the societies do their best to keep you informed of the important issues, as well as organizing events and activities for all students.

Throughout the year, different student societies working at CECOS organize various events and activities. You can get involved by attending or even by organizing the type of activities you would like to see at the campus. There are also various opportunities for you to help others either through charity events or through voluntary schemes. So if you can spare a few hours there is always something for you to do and you will gain valuable experience at the same time.

Quran Society

The present and future Muslim generations have to acquire knowledge of Quran and sciences to be able to face the great challenges of this century and to prepare for leadership in the world. Students have established Quran Society, headed by Asst. Professor M. Jamshed, which arranges lectures by renowned Scholars, discussions, seminars, essay-competitions etc., on topics concerning the Muslim Ummah. The Society is established with the aim to guide the students to the good path and preach the teachings of Quran and Hadith.

CECOS Welfare Society

Creating awareness amongst the students, encouraging and motivating them to support and help those in need, CECOS Welfare Society acts as a center for all welfare activities which can be carried out by the students. From blood donations to acquisition and disbursement of funds to support either the students in need or the community. The main aim of this society is to create amongst the students the concept of national well being and betterment of all.

CECOS Sports Club

Sports’ being an integral part of the proper grooming of any student is an ongoing activity here at CECOS. With proper and adequate facilities CECOS Sports Club continuously arranges different competitions amongst the students as well as on Inter University level encouraging participation to ensure that the students remain both mentally as well as physically fit.

CECOS Science Society

As the introducer of Computer Sciences and Information Technology in NWFP, CECOS stands tall amongst the rest in providing the students with the latest concepts and developments in this field. The CECOS Science Society with its CECOS Soft Club working in close collaboration with the Pakistan Software Export Board provides the students with a platform to work on new ideas and creations. Its aim is to develop amongst the students a sense of creativity and exploration, playing with new ideas and constantly innovating, so that they may be able to achieve the level of excellence they are destined for.

CECOS Adventure Club

The Club organizes several programs for the interest of Students. Apart from the main adventure activities the Club has organized. The adventure club currently has more than 200 student members. The largest club of CECOS University.


The CECOS Adventure Club is an “all you want package” for adventure seekers. Our goal is to be the best resource and platform for information about outdoor recreational activities that includes hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing and much more you have ever dreamed of. This is a place where you can make and share your experiences, contribute, and find like-minded people to accompany you in your exploration of the True Beauty of Nature.

Cabinet Members:

  • Advisor: Aziz Ullah
  • Co-Advisor: Engr. Umer Mujhad
  • President: Muhammad Sohail Arif
  • Vice President: Bilal Ahmed Khalil
  • Office Secretary: Hassan Khan
  • Finance Secretary: M. Usman
  • Director Coordination: Rashid Mairaj
  • Director Media: Amjad Raza

CECOS Literary Society

CECOS Literary Society makes literature and learning interactive and fun but responsible at the same time. Its main mission is to enlighten the youth to the importance of literature through interactive and engaging activities.

CECOS Literary Society strives to bring back to life the vital role of literature into today’s fast moving world. In a world where literature is regarded something really outdated and time consuming we ought to prove that literature is a critical part of the learning process we all go through and that learning it does not mean that you have to feel old fashioned. Our efforts are all for the sole purpose of making literature learning as interactive and as modern as possible.

Cabinet Members:

Advisor: Mr. NosheedUllah
Co-Advisor: Mr. Shiraz Khan
President: Aaqib Iftikhar
Vice President: Pir M. Saddam
Office Secretary: Maaz Ali Shah
Finance Secretary: Azaz Shahzad
Director Coordination: Muneera Quraishi
Director Media: Ali Shan Khan
Director Logistic: Tauseef Raza Bangesh
Director I.T: Iqra Rais
Director Creativity: Umar Farooq
Director Events: Malik Hadi

CECOS Fun-Venture Society

CECOS Funventure arranges productive and personality grooming activities for the students helping them achieve excellence in their academic and professional career. It strives to engage students in exhilarating yet productive events and activities to sharpen their personalities and achieve the highest level of excellence as a student’s club.The Fun-venture club currently has more than 600 member students and Ambassador students from different universities. CECOS Fun-venture is one of the largest and popular clubs in CECOS University.

CECOS Fun-Venture Club aims to provide grooming opportunities to students in order to help in their career and personality building as well as provide relief from the tiresome study routine and refresh them for going back to university life. We hope that with various activities and events students will gain great confidence and knowledge which will help them tremendously when it comes to their professional and career goals.

Cabinet Members:

Advisor: Ms. Farkhanda Tayyab
Co-Advisor: Ms. Kiran Raheel
President: Mr. Naseer Amin
Vice President: Mr. Hafeez Ahmad
Director Events: Mr. Tahir Khan
Office Secretary: Mr. Ehtisham Ur Rehman
Finance Secretary: Mr. Shahzeb
Director Coordination: Mr. Malik Hadi
Director Media: Mr. Nasib Sherani
Director I.T: Mr. Imran khan
Director Creativity: Mr. Yasir Ahmad Raza
Director Logistic: Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Tariq
Coordinator Female Affiars Ms. Fatima Bibi
Photographer Mr. Sarbiland Khan/ Mr. Riaz Khan